Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goals for 2013!

        I love the new year! It's not the resolution part because that's never interested me. Winter is a great time to be silent and meditate about the past and the future. A time to ponder the cycle of life and how to make it easier in order to make more time for family, hobbies, and relaxing. It's a chance to stop, take a look at everything that has happened, consider the challenges I've overcome and the ones that are still confronting me.

        This year I graduated from college, moved into a very different living situation than I'm used to, and currently am not employed (to name a few life events). The last part is definitely my greatest challenge. I have been experiencing my rate and style of adaptation and am immensely grateful for my boyfriends patience! Learning is something that I must do and have given myself the goal of becoming a quilter and a blogger. Obviously no easy feat but I feel the need to create from what I have learned. Also, communication and asking for help has never been my strong point so that's where blogging comes into play.
        My goals list is just a starting point and will always be updated. I have found that doing one thing almost always helps in other endeavors and therefore not all of my goals are quilting related. Non-functional or useful things are my pet peeve so most of the creations will have purpose.
  1. Mittens - I have an 100% wool sweater that isn't my style but would make cute mittens. In my stash is thin pink leather from a brand new jacket purchased at a 2nd hand store for $10. The plan is to make mittens similar to a pair of purple mittens that I already have. I also have a cashmere cardigan with significantly big holes in it that might be added as wrist to arm extension for the gloves? We'll see.
  2. Considering I've never worked with leather, the investigation of what to use when sewing leather w machine ( might be possible since it's so thin ). Even if it goes horribly wrong and doesn't work, a full report will be given.
  3. Review books that can be found on Amazon. Amazon is an amazing marketplace to find books at low prices, being sold by folks just like you and me. The books I'll review will primarily be quilting books.
  4. Project Linus is heartwarming and fantastic. I will discuss it, provide local companies and businesses that participate in it, and definitely make at least two quilts for the project.
  5. Reviews of more local quilt shops. The reviews will get better! As I learn more about quilting and textiles the reviews will be more useful to the reader.
  6. Reupholstering a seat cover. There's an antique letter writing/ phone station seat that belongs to my mother. The seat is made up of a very drab beige colored material, cushion material, and piece of wood stapled together. I purchased some material and plan to replace the top layer. This should be interesting!
  7. Make 12x12 patchwork squares. Play with colors, appliqué, free motion (doing it, when to use it, when not to, etc.), and eventually make a blanket from it.
  8. Find a job to pay for more fabric! Just joshing, to pay the bills. :)
What are you planning on doing for the new year?


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