Friday, May 31, 2013

Sunshine and Marmalade Update 3

Lots of blocks have been completed - 17 out of 30 total. I've found that planning three blocks, BnW photo test completed and passed, speed sewing the inner rectangles and the squares is the fastest way to do this.

Drawing the diagonal to sew on.

Along the way I use large tapestry curtains and quilting pins as my planning board to see how it looks all together.

This helps me see which prints will repeat or if certain colors are crowded on one side. It's a lil floppy on the left side but it gets the job done. Keep it strong you crazy quilters - quilt on!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Sunshine and Marmalade - Project Take Off

The quilt I'm currently working on is from McCall's Quilting and is called 'Sunshine and Marmalade' found here.
(c) McCall's Quilting
In my humble opinion these colors are awesome together and can make a great modernesque quilt. It's a great beginners project - very simple piecing, only two cut sizes, lots of varying prints and therefore can be a good fabric stash reduction project. Once the process is stream lined this quilt can be done very quickly. My plan is show how I've been doing this project- my ideas, suggestions, mistakes and successes, etc all the way to the very end. Comments and/or suggestions along the way are greatly appreciated.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Wool Batting Debacle + Washing Quilts

Recently I finished a quilt for my nephew. Knowing my sister, well any mother really, I knew that she would wash the quilt. And instead of having her wash it and something horrible happen during the washing process I decided it'd be best if I washed it first. Cycle = gentle. Hang dried. Here's the before washing and after washing of the quilt:

Friday, May 10, 2013

May Giveaway from 44th Street Fabric

The best things in life are free.. and free fabric is tremendously awesome!!
44th Street Fabric shop has a variety of new prints and regularly has generous giveaways. For the month of May they are giving away 1/2 yard cuts of 6 polka dot prints!

Oh*muh*gosh, that picture makes me wanna drool! Such fun colors - looks like summer time fun, if all summer time fun could be summed up into a few colors. Check out their blog for over 15 chances at this giveaway.

Can we ever have too much fabric? Answer... No!! So go on and enter. ;-)

Baby Quilt + More

 So, I finished a project. Woohoo! It was my first "big" quilt. As mentioned before, my first project is the cathedral quilt - that's a long term investment currently on the back burner. This project is for my nephew who is a wee lad, shorter than three feet. This is the finished product: