Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Wee Tip - Cat Protection

If you're like me, your quilting assistant is your cat.

My little petunia wants to "help" me in every part of my life. If we're outside working in the yard, she wants to help me take a break. If we're in the kitchen cooking, she wants to help me clean anything that touched chicken, fish, or yogurt. And when I'm sewing, she wants to help me unravel the thread because it's so much easier to use like that, right? Or she helps by being a fury paperweight by laying all over my fabric or blocks. I've learned to hide my fabric in places she can't get to but today I thought of a great way to hide blocks - in a pillow sham! Super simple and cuddly in the mean time until the quilt is finished.

Done! I can move them anywhere and you can't tell what I'm making or the fact that something is being stored.


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