Friday, February 19, 2016

Back in Action!!!

Hey hey hey!!!

I'm so excited! For the first time in over a year, I will be able to quilt again. The excitement I feel is like a volcanic explosion of smiles! Since I moved, life has thrown me buckets of whoa but nothing I can't handle yet. Feeling good, positive energy, striving for clear and effective communication. My kids are still the sunshine in my life and I am happily in love. I took up crocheting and am mildly successful with that though it's nothing compared to quilting. I'm trying to work out in my mind-palace how to combine quilts and crocheting. I'll get it in time!

So, I will be setting up my space next week. That will take some time. Getting the right lighting, lining things up with outlets, where to put an ironing board, hang my tools or put them in a desk? You know the drill. Gotta get a good flow to my workspace to make the most of my time and make it easy to feed my creative needs. Oh and music! Or something to listen to audiobooks. Necessary!

Before I moved to the west coast I spent over a month cutting fabric and making foundations for quilt projects. It was a good use of my time at the time and I'm very glad I did it now. But first, wait, oh yea. First, I have to finish quilts that I have the tops done, I have the batting and backing. Here they are:

QAYG - 75% complete

Batik Scrap Quilt

Garden Lap Throw

Chicks and Dots Baby Quilt

Next I'm going to work on the projects I cut the fabric for. The following pics are of the patterns:

I will be very busy! It'll be so satisfying tho, to get a bunch of projects completed in a short period of time. Whooooaaaa!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Trucks and Truck Stuff

Hey y'all!
Don't I sound wicked southern now? Hehe! I made a quilt top about a month after moving down here that I named 'Trucks and Truck Stuff':

Monday, September 15, 2014

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

     It's only been a few months since I moved down south and when life happens we go with the flow. Right? Right.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Baby Blankies

     Since I can't afford an extension table for my sewing machine, I have been working on small projects that can be machine quilted with what tools are available to me now. Also, it's been a goal to use up the remainder fabric from the fat quarter bundle 'Grow With Me' by Moda (partly because I paid so much money for it!!). Thus far I have used it for my nephew's quilt and the Chicks and Dots quilt. Recently, I made a large blankie/quilt top for no one in particular and a tiny blankie for my nephew (no middle batting so it isn't a quilt), using more of the fat quarter bundle. Here they are:

     My complaint about the large blankie was using minky! Good lord that was super difficult! Like really difficult. I even used a stabilizer to reduce how much it moved and it did help, but not 100%. My criticism for the blankie for my nephew is that the top border doesn't line up with the bottom border. I'm not sure how I could have made it more accurate. The middle border made it difficult to line up. I am going to be making one more blankie using the bundle; if these were made for any gender the next one would lean more towards "girlie".

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy quilting!!


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Batik Table Runner

Oh hey there! I have been busy looking for a job and putting a tonne of energy into art/quilting. When it comes down to it, I'm really not good at relaxing. Anyways, my darling sister was using a winter wall hanging that I made for her as a table runner. This kinda baffled me so I offered to make her one and took the winter wall hanging home to clean it a bit and add a sleeve for hanging up. Here is the new table runner:

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I Moved!

I moved and that's why there hasn't been any new posts. I'm in the south east now! Really exciting and fun so far. I've been busy quilting during packing breaks and here's what I have accomplished:

Pattern: Chicks and Dots
Difficulty: Easy Peasy - intermediate (because of the applique)
Where: My Brainium
Designer: Me


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fair Isle Baby Quilt

Pattern: Fair Isle Baby Quilt
Difficulty: Easy Peasy
Where: Moda Bakeshop
Designer: Leah Douglas of buggspot

I pretty much followed the pattern's colors except for the middle where I used Blue and Green Footprint fabric from the Grow With Me by Moda line. The majority of the quilt front is brushed cotton or flannel from the Grow With Me fat quarter bundle. It didn't take long at all and the only "difficult" part was lining up the white blocks of row 8 to make a cross.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wool-skirt Blanket

It gets quite chilly up here in the north and fuel is expensive; blankets and quilts are absolutely necessary. The only quilt I've made for myself was the 'Sunshine and Marmalade' that is queen sized. Much too big to use while sewing. For a while I was using a thick skirt that had ripped as a blanket. I decided to sew combine it with a large piece of wool that I had purchased at the fall yard sale at my local quilt shop. No adjustments were made to the skirt at all, so it's still curvy. Probably the most basic thing I have ever made but it is really warm now!