Friday, October 3, 2014

Trucks and Truck Stuff

Hey y'all!
Don't I sound wicked southern now? Hehe! I made a quilt top about a month after moving down here that I named 'Trucks and Truck Stuff':

Hah! I really need to get better at photo editing. Oh well! The finished size is about 50"ish x 70"ish. I used minky fabric for the applique and the outer border. The rest of the quilt is brushed cotton and flannel. The printed fabrics are from the Moda 'Grow With Me' line. I have seriously used 2/3 of the fabric and made how many quilt tops?! Good lawd. Two throw size quilts (one, two), two baby blankies, one small baby quilt/play pad quilt, and this large quilt top. I'm in the middle of drawing/coloring/calculating a pattern for the remainder 1/3 but I think I'll be able to make two of the same pattern with what's left! I was super thrilled that I got the bundle on sale for about $80 but also felt a little bit like I spent too much money on it. But now, making this many projects with it! Totally worth it.Yes, there is a buncha other fabrics used in all of the quilts but I'm probably so amazed at how many quilts I've been making because it took me such a long time to figure out how to use them because the majority of baby quilts online are not made with soft pastel colors like this fabric line is. (That is a really long sentence.) It took me giving up on looking for inspiration/patterns online to bring out my own ideas, creating something of my own.

Quilt on lovely quilters and thank you for stopping by!


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