Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fair Isle Baby Quilt

Pattern: Fair Isle Baby Quilt
Difficulty: Easy Peasy
Where: Moda Bakeshop
Designer: Leah Douglas of buggspot

I pretty much followed the pattern's colors except for the middle where I used Blue and Green Footprint fabric from the Grow With Me by Moda line. The majority of the quilt front is brushed cotton or flannel from the Grow With Me fat quarter bundle. It didn't take long at all and the only "difficult" part was lining up the white blocks of row 8 to make a cross.

I am my harshest critic: I starched all of the fabric for this project and it seemed fine. If you look closely you can see some of the squares are slanted. I can't figure out if this happened after I quilted it or if it was during piecing and went unnoticed because it was the wee hours of the morning. Really need to stop quilting while exhausted... but how?? Please let me know. The quilting lines were done using my walking foot ... yea... not sure why I didn't use my FMQ foot but I'm going to blame it on the exhaustion again. It kind of makes me giggle to see how many edges are in the waves.

My final gripe with this quilt is the thread showing on the backing. I have done everything to fix this problem - brand new needles (quilting, topstitch, universal), quality thread (Gutermann and Aurifil), had my machine serviced having them focus on tension (in addition to cleaning and oiling), and messed around with the tension. So what gives? Someone told me that you'll never get perfect tension but you can get really close. Well, I've looked at many quilts and the threads doesn't show on either side. Does the quality of the machine make a difference? I did spend around $700 on my Pfaff so ... that should be good enough, right? Let me know what you know. 

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