Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I Moved!

I moved and that's why there hasn't been any new posts. I'm in the south east now! Really exciting and fun so far. I've been busy quilting during packing breaks and here's what I have accomplished:

Pattern: Chicks and Dots
Difficulty: Easy Peasy - intermediate (because of the applique)
Where: My Brainium
Designer: Me


I made up the pattern and used the images on the fabric for the applique pieces. It is mostly "Grow With Me by Moda" fabric. The polka dots and the chicks bodies are satin and the wings and belly of the chicks are minkee material. Here is what my planning page looked like:

I used a chart found on Pinterest to calculate how many 4 1/2" squares can be cut from a fat quarter. I didn't want to use any print fabric with white background because it would blend too much with the surrounding fabric, thus reducing the variations of printed fabric orientation but it all worked out! The polka dots were the most difficult part of the quilt; machine quilting 64 tiny circles was tough!! It's not perfect but it most certainly is completed.

The other project I'm working on will take at least a year to finish. It is primarily applique and throw size. I chose this project to become fluent with hand applique techniques after working on the winter scene wall hanging and realizing that the only way to get that project done was with the machine until I practiced. The pattern is found in 'Primitive Quilts and Crafts' magazine:

So each block has a square, a circle, and a star ... all three are appliqued pieces! With 20 blocks total I think after this is done my hand appliqueing (wow, really? keep the 'e' in there?) should be awesome and fantastic ... awetastic! Thus far 7 blocks are done so basically I'm almost done ... aww come on! It's not ridiculous to be that optimistic! 

Thanks for checking in!
Quilt on happy quilters!!


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