Thursday, August 14, 2014

Batik Table Runner

Oh hey there! I have been busy looking for a job and putting a tonne of energy into art/quilting. When it comes down to it, I'm really not good at relaxing. Anyways, my darling sister was using a winter wall hanging that I made for her as a table runner. This kinda baffled me so I offered to make her one and took the winter wall hanging home to clean it a bit and add a sleeve for hanging up. Here is the new table runner:

I used fabric from my $5 bag o'batik scraps to make this! Not too shabby eh? It was, however, a wake-up call for the necessity to start making a batik fabric stash. It's so frustrating not having enough fabric to do something and no stash to pull from!! I did make a newbie mistake while quilting it. I sewed a quarter inch seam around the piece before quilting it. Gosh typing that out loud just makes me shake my head. Who does that?? Gah! Oh well. Lesson learned.

I also noticed that my darling sister was using the quilt I made for my nephew as a curtain in the kids' bedroom since it did a better job of blocking the sun, during nap time, than the white shades occupying the window. I took this home as well and then sewed a quick and simple curtain (pictures soon to come) from curtain fabric that my darling friend gave to me. Also, I will be purchasing fabric paper (a review will be done for sure) from the local Hancock store to make quilt labels, that have yet to be designed, for all of these projects.

So I ventured into the world of art quilting. And by ventured I mean... I put one foot thru the door. Here's what happened:

Neither of them have been quilted yet because I am waiting until I get a job to purchase an extender table for my machine. I like both of them so far but am nervous about quilting them because I don't know what to do for quilting motifs. Maybe I can find a book at the library about art quilting! That'll ease the anxiety a wee bit, maybe. I guess that's it for now.

Quilt on rebel quilters and may the force be with you!!
Thanks for reading my ramblings!


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