Sunday, September 14, 2014

Baby Blankies

     Since I can't afford an extension table for my sewing machine, I have been working on small projects that can be machine quilted with what tools are available to me now. Also, it's been a goal to use up the remainder fabric from the fat quarter bundle 'Grow With Me' by Moda (partly because I paid so much money for it!!). Thus far I have used it for my nephew's quilt and the Chicks and Dots quilt. Recently, I made a large blankie/quilt top for no one in particular and a tiny blankie for my nephew (no middle batting so it isn't a quilt), using more of the fat quarter bundle. Here they are:

     My complaint about the large blankie was using minky! Good lord that was super difficult! Like really difficult. I even used a stabilizer to reduce how much it moved and it did help, but not 100%. My criticism for the blankie for my nephew is that the top border doesn't line up with the bottom border. I'm not sure how I could have made it more accurate. The middle border made it difficult to line up. I am going to be making one more blankie using the bundle; if these were made for any gender the next one would lean more towards "girlie".

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