Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunshine and Marmalade - Update 1

I've gathered the fabrics from my stash and cut them.

Most of them are from an ongoing project now called Operation Cathedral Quilt (OCQ). OCQ needed 16-18 different fabrics of each color of the rainbow but only required a 3.5" square. Yey! It truly is wonderful when you stumble upon a quilt pattern that you have 75% of the materials already. Part of the wonderfulness is that you still get to go fabric shopping! So yep I went and as always felt great afterwards. So much opportunity at my fingertips.

Now here's something that I am slightly confused about. The picture in the PDF of the pattern seems muddled to me. There isn't a lot of distinction from the pinwheels and the rectangles.

(c) McCall's Quilting
My plan is to put blocks together and take BnW pictures of them with my camera to ensure that there is enough contrast before sewing it all together. Until then, folks, happy quilting!


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