Friday, March 15, 2013

Update - *Quilters Club of America BOM Quilting Bee 2013

Here are the blocks I have made thus far:

Bees and Fields
This is the layout that's supposed to be used. The pattern wasn't correct and therefore lead to problems producing the block. This statement is backed up by many experienced quilters on the website. I took the picture in BnW to show the values(?) of the colors and why I chose them.  

I'm totally in love with the yellow fabric and hope to use it again for the project.
Love In A Mist

Rocky Road to Dublin
I'm not 100% pleased with the fabrics for this one. They looked nice when I put the swatches together.

Well, I can tell ya that much has been learned. Each block is taking less time to make, I feel more confident with my cuts and stitches, and am feeling less frustrated making them. There are still mistakes but much less and sometimes it's me just being silly - sewing the wrong side up or the wrong side of a triangle to a squares side. I laugh because otherwise I'd burn it all.

I did one more row of the cathedral, plan to do two more and then take pictures. I'm doing them in thirds because it's easier to handle under the sewing machine that way.

I've been putting off the strip quilt because I'm having doubts as to how it'll actually look in the end but when I return from my trip the plan is to power thru 5 columns to see how it's coming along and then decide whether or not to continue. The rectangles are pretty big so they could be salvaged and used for another scrap quilt. Ah, the wonderful seam ripper!

Have a great weekend!


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