Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More Blocks - *Quilters Club of America BOM Quilting Bee 2013

I decided to go back and do the other blocks for each months since I've only been doing the easy one. Can't get better unless you try! I redid the first block for March - Rocky Road to Dublin because all of the other blocks had the color yellow and a specific black print, all except this one:

March Block 1 Version 1

So the make up one looks like this:
March Block 1 Version 2
Let's be honest, it's ugly. What the hell! It had such potential when I was lying out the fabric... Thank goodness it's not sewn together yet. I'm going to try to salvage it. So far two men say the block is really nice and one female that said it could be better. Hmmmm....

I then gave a try at a new one for me, Crown of Thorns - the second March block. It's my favorite so far. Difficult and obviously not perfectly done but I'm learning to accept imperfections in my 'art'.

March Block 2

This pattern was difficult for me because a.) I wanted to change the center block to a solid square and couldn't figure out how big it had to be and it was a big ugly mathematical fistfight b.) the points aren't lined up perfect because I had to go and change the center square c.) the quarter square triangles were a first for me and it didn't say in the instructions to trim down the rectangle but I did and it worked out perfectly.

This is the second block for January, Snowchurn:

I love how it came out!

This is the first and second block for April, Friendship Star and Ohio Star:

I'll put pictures up of any alterations to the first block. Seriously might have to put it aside because there are three other blocks that need to be done.

*Links for the blocks are found on my 'Building Material' page.


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  1. It's BEAUTIFUL! Everything you do is beautiful, my love. I think it's because your so gorgeous and that beauty is transferred to everything you do :)