Monday, February 3, 2014

Batik Scrap Quilt

Last fall my local quilt shop held a yard sale. They opened their parking lot, nicely shaded IMO, to local quilters to sell their extra material, quilts, or do-hickies. One of the employees told me that the year before she made out quite nicely, purchasing brand new jellyroll for $3! So I attended with a set budget of $40. Once I got there it got extended to $60. You know how it goes! In my defense, I bought a ton of fabric. One sweet purchase was a trash bag filled half way of batik scraps - all different colors, starched, and mostly square or rectangle. It cost $5! I'm not a huge fan of scrap quilts and really who could be sure if the scraps would fit a specific pattern. So I just went willy nilly and sewed them all together! Right now it measures about 36x48. Here's what it looks like:

It's not the most beautiful quilt but I love it. It felt so good to not have to cut anything, not follow a pattern, and not have to worry if points were matching up. Aaahhh!! Relaxing, even more so than quilting normally is. The only thing I considered is whether there was enough balance of light and dark colors throughout. Also, there's still a ton of fabric left! I could make a small version of it for a baby or a lap quilt. Here's my favorite part - the backing. There were no batiks among my collection until the bag of scraps and therefore I had to go to my local quilt shop to browse. It took a while but I found a winner:

Oh golly! Look at that! It's gorgeous. This one on the back burner because I am making it for myself.

Happy quilting quilters! Quilt on!!


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