Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Update!

I finished Row #3 of the Cathedral quilt! Here's what it looks like so far:

It's hanging by clothespins in my window right now.

In the windows that don't have fabric yet, the plan is to put an embroidered block there.

So, that'll be ~120 embroidered blocks. Great practice!!

After the third row was finished, I started to iron and loosely cut white blocks. Got about 40 done. After that my feet started hurting so I moved onto ironing the windows from 3.5" squares into 2.5" fluffy squares while watching dinosaur documentaries. A full day of sewing. Didn't really stop there - I read up on the Quilters Club of America site on the iPad in bed.

Today, I went for a walk with Molly instead of snowshoeing because of the ginormous blister on my heal. Apparently moleskin will help with hotspots... we shall see. I then started to print the instructions for the BOM Quilting Bee of QCA and realized that I haven't actually made a block yet and don't know how to paper piece! I've always wanted to do paper piecing so I went here for instructions on paper piecing.

Here's my result:
Looks similar!
The January BOM is 'Bees and Fields'. So, now that I kinda know how to paper piece, the 'Bees and Fields' are my next endeavor. Maybe an update later tonight!


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  1. It's BEAUTIFUL! I love you so much! You're sooo dreamy...