Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Super Duper Update

Well hello blog readers! I have been away for a while and that's sort of an understatement. I completely changed my mind about the design - I wanted to do something different than the typical sampler style quilt and found a pattern on Pinterest that sparked my interest:

(c) Blue is Bleu

 I absolutely love this lay out! Half of the blocks have whites in them and half of them have no whites in them. Therefore white sashing seemed like it wouldn't work well... possibly loosing the shapes of the blocks in the sashing. Know what I mean? Therefore black, grey, or yellow to gold gradient fabric were considered. Of the three black looked the best. Also, the size was debated. When giving a quilt as a gift. does one go big or medium - queen size for a bed or throw quilt for the living room? After discussing it with a few friends the decision was made - throw quilt since I don't really know the people, their style, etc.

Because  I was originally planning on making a queen size quilt, I strayed from the quilt-a-long and made 10 more blocks from the Quilters' Cache website. At this time the puppies and I watched the first three seasons of True Blood on the HBO app of AppleTv.  Really great music and decent storyline. My favorite True Blood quote is:

So spot on! Love it. I don't have the pictures uploaded of all the blocks but one day I will. Truth is my computer is on the fritz right now (another reason I haven't updated y'all in a while).

Without further ado here is what the top looks like:

Actually, it's a little different. I swapped out two of the blocks for two that fit better visually. Later you'll get a picture of this, too. For the backing I found this really, really soft teal fabric at Lorraine's Fabric in Pawtucket, RI.

My fabric is a solid of the above picture's color. For the quilting, I'm using a Gutermann polyester thread and using different designs for each block. This is the first time I quilt with my machine and honestly it's difficult! Many lines have random zig zags in them, nothing is evenly spaced, and circles are mostly oval at best (some have zig zags too!) So that's that. Stay tuned and thanks for visiting!

Quilt on quilters!


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