Friday, November 15, 2013

QCA BOM 2013 Quilting Bee Quilt

Hey there! I am loving these colors!! As promised here is the quilt I threw together from some of the QCA BOM blocks and some I chose myself:

It's kind of tiny, isn't it? Oh well!

The fuzzyness on the black sashing is lint from the batting. Can't wait to lint roll that! I have been experimenting with the free motion quilting, my first time doing it, and trying desperately not to be too critical. It feels like the most rushed quilt I have ever made (out of 3...) and have been hyper-focusing on the mistakes in it. After reading a book about free motion quilting, I made a professional decision to not give this quilt away because a bit of the quilting stitches aren't stable or are too loose/far apart and I really don't want to give someone a quilt that may come apart, ya know?

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy quilting, all of you lovely and talented quilters!!


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