Saturday, January 18, 2014

Garden Quilt Top

 Hey y'all! Another quilt top finished - hurray! This one I'd like to give to my mother once it's done. When I was a wee lass we would plant flowers together in her flower garden, it had a weeping cherry tree at the center and looked so lovely with flowers in bloom under its umbrella-shaped branches. I was really fortunate and grew up on a gorgeous sect of land with woods as my neighbors and generous, loving parents. They inspire me everyday, with quilting and everything else. Anyways, here it is:

And a close up of the flower prints:


And the backing:

I can't remember what book this pattern came from but when I remember it will be updated ASAP. I have no idea what to use for thread or for quilting patterns. Any suggestions? Please!

Thanks for stopping by!
Quilt on happy and talented quilters!!


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